[Ref] “the butterflies of Zagorsk”: an analysis of principles of characteristic defectology Vygotskyan

ABSTRACT : The article in question seeks to reflect on the documentary entitled “Zagorski Butterflies” prepared by the BBC in 1992. The subject of this  documentary  are  disabled  children,  more  precisely  deafblind.  In Vygotsky’s theory deficiencies are characterized as belonging to the field of disabilities. We emphasize among the subjects, the protagonist Natasha, and analyze their lines from the perspective of the postulates of Historical – Cultural Psychology. We have chosen to guide this reflection educational principles employed by members of the Defectology Institute of Moscow to promote children’s learning and the transcription of some lines of the character Natasha with a view to analysis of some psychological concepts of disability and its overcoming. We base all analysis in teaching met hods developed by Vygotsky, focusing on the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and the historical and social construction of knowledge.

KEYWORDS :  Vygotsky.  Defectology.  Educational  principles. Language. Teaching and Learning

Article: http://www.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/histensino/article/viewFile/17933/15995


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